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Review Reverse Signals™ trading system's returns with the following fund categories:
Balanced Funds 10-Year Top Performers Bond Funds 10-Year Top Performers
Alternative Funds 10-Year Top Performers U.S. Stocks Funds 10-Year Top Performers
International Stocks Funds 10-Year Top Performers Largest Mutual Funds 15 Largest Mutual Funds

Win-to-Loss Ratio=0.84 | Kelly Ratio=62.95% | Expectancy=$122.11

Reverse Signals Trading System's Performance Results - S/M/L-Cap Fund Categories
Index NameSymbols TradedTrading SinceAnnualized Returns (%)Transactions/YearPeriod Owned (%)Latest Quote
Results are calculated with adjusted closing prices. Returns and number of buy and sell transactions are simple averages.
Small Blend365Mar 20018.350.751.7623 Feb, 2017
Small Growth381Mar 20016.670.752.7823 Feb, 2017
Small Value213Mar 20019.340.750.5123 Feb, 2017
Mid-Cap Blend270Mar 20019.060.653.8623 Feb, 2017
Mid-Cap Growth 425Mar 20016.450.754.7923 Feb, 2017
Mid-Cap Value238Mar 20018.770.753.1623 Feb, 2017
Large Blend999Mar 20016.00.758.9423 Feb, 2017
Large Growth870Mar 20015.330.755.6023 Feb, 2017
Large Value708Mar 20016.590.659.1123 Feb, 2017
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