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Reverse Signals trading system results based on trading with some of Carl Icahn's published stock picks:
Reverse Signals Trading System * Individual Symbols Performances *
SymbolTrading SinceAnnualized Returns (%)Transactions/YearPeriod Owned (%)Latest QuoteAdj. Closing ($)Signal
With an average of 1.0 transactions per stock/year approximate investment gain is 77.5% per year.
HLFMar 2005105.531.06023 Feb, 201759.40
HTZFeb 200773.811.45723 Feb, 201720.09
EBAYMar 200128.780.94123 Feb, 201733.60
NUANMar 200155.820.42123 Feb, 201716.92
HOLXMar 2001259.00.86923 Feb, 201740.30
FDMLApr 2008-3.651.23723 Feb, 20179.98
CVIFeb 200819.571.55623 Feb, 201722.75
AAPLMar 2001442.70.65923 Feb, 2017136.53
MTWMar 200164.130.78023 Feb, 20176.17
RIGMar 2001-2.790.78623 Feb, 201714.31
MENTMar 200123.511.06323 Feb, 201737.04
ARIIMay 200619.081.54423 Feb, 201745.01
CHKMar 20015.011.09023 Feb, 20175.75
ENZNMar 2001-5.180.76223 Feb, 2017.33
* Listed stock picks may not currently be part of the named investor's portfolio.
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Win-to-Loss Ratio=0.72 | Kelly Ratio=41.65% | Expectancy=$312.56

Reverse Signals Trading System's Performance Results - Major US Indexes
Index NameSymbols TradedTrading SinceAnnualized Returns (%)Transactions/YearPeriod Owned (%)Latest Quote
Results are calculated with adjusted closing prices. Returns and number of buy and sell transactions are simple averages.
NYSE Stock Exchange1630Mar 200120.310.854.8923 Feb, 2017
NYSE Amex Equities476Mar 200113.780.856.4423 Feb, 2017
NASDAQ Stock Exchange1593Mar 200119.750.957.3823 Feb, 2017
T O T A L3699Mar 200119.240.856.1623 Feb, 2017

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